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Technological infrastructure in gas compression for transportation, industry, private.

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Idro Meccanica joins the Landi Renzo Group

2022 is the Year of Change. Becoming part of this project is a big step towards the vision that drives our work. Through synergies with other Group companies, we will make a significant contribution to the global energy transition.

New asset - same attitude as always

All that has been created, from 1966 to date, will be brought into a brighter light.

Strong values and trademarks will be the pillars of this new path

  • Creativity and innovative spirit
  • High customisation of products and integrated solutions
  • Craftsmanship approach, proudly Made in Italy

Hydraulic compressors

Hydraulic compressors have only one moving part: the piston rod to which the oil and gas pistons are attached. Our compressors can perform between 10 and 40 cycles per minute.

The life cycle of the unit is more than 20 years.

Why choose them:

  • Low investment costs (CAPEX)
  • Reduced energy consumption (OPEX)
  • Booster operation on the majority of units

Our state-of-the-art hydrogen compressors are 100 % oil free. They are equipped with the latest generation of distance piece (Long Distance Piece) that prevents oil carry-over in the gas flow.

The ideal solution for hydrogen compression in various applications and markets:

  • Industrial: storage up to 250 bar (3,625 psi)
  • Grid injection: up to 75 (1,087 psi)
  • Industrial hydrogen production: mobile storage filling up to 450 bar (up to 6,525 psi)
  • Hydrogen filling stations: for compressors up to 450 bar (up to 6,525 psi)

Integrated Solutions

Our mission is to make the use of green hydrogen - produced using energy from renewable sources - accessible and usable. Where the use of hydrogen is not advantageous in terms of energy efficiency and optimisation, Idro Meccanica products can handle other gases - such as CNG and biomethane. The integrated solutions we offer meet different types of technical requirements for different application sectors.

A global presence

To ensure high availability and technical assistance, we use a network of reliable partners around the world. The companies we cooperate with are included in highly professional training courses, so that they are familiar with Idro Meccanica compressors and their integrated solutions.

The services we offer globally focus on:

  • Spare parts
  • On-site technical assistance
  • Operational support during commissioning
  • Remote assistance

When the project requires it, the Engineering BU of Idro Meccanica is available to meet Customer’s needs.


In Italy we have a sufficient quantity of spare parts in stock to return a machine fully operational in 6 hours (swap).

Choosing Idro Meccanica

The core of our strengths is knowledge. The solutions we offer are the result of years of experience, close to Customers' needs, in challenging market. Choosing Idro Meccanica means relying on someone who knows the world of hydrogen, someone who has believed in its potential from the beginning and constantly invests in making it accessible.