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MRU - Indonesia


Mobile Refuelling Unit


Indonesian Metropolitan Area

How to guarantee the availability of cng in areas where the demand for natural gas is growing and existing infrastructures are not capable of meeting expectations.

CNG is an alternative fuel for the “automotive” market, from cars to heavy vehicles.

CNG used as a fuel has many advantages over other traditional fuels, such as petrol and diesel.

From an environmental point of view, CNG vehicles are able to reduce CO2 emissions by around 33%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 75%, and particulate emissions by 97%. Natural gas has proven to be the best solution for the transport sector (light and heavy vehicles, including buses). While larger fleets can easily access natural gas through the establishment of public and private stations, smaller fleets in remote communities are often in a precarious position.

Without access to sufficient natural gas infrastructure, these fleets rely on diesel technology. In this specific case, the challenge is to make the refuelling of transport vehicles (tuk-tuks and light vehicles) in the Jakharta metropolitan area available 24 hours a day, ensuring maximum availability at times of peak demand: the MRU (Mobile Refuelling Unit) is the ideal solution.

Customer request

  • Suction pressure: 5 - 250 bar
  • Delivery pressure: 250 bar
  • Maximum flow rate (@ 200 bar): 1,600 Scm/h

Idro Meccanica solution

Idro Meccanica supplied 7 MRUs supplying the fleet of tuk-tuks and light vehicles within the city's metropolitan area. Each MRU consists of:

Each MRU consists of:

  • Compressor unit, series TDE13
  • Dispenser
  • Electrical and control panel
  • Combustion engine powering the compressor and taking gas from storage provided by the customer

"MOBILE" solution

Each mobile refuelling unit covers an area of about 7 square metres, with a maximum length of about 3 metres, inside which the following components are installed: compressor skid, the dispenser with two
connections and two displays visible from outside the cabinet, and the control and command panel.

The storage unit provided by the customer (PERTAMINA) and the Idro Meccanica MRU solution were installed on a truck that supplies, together with the other 6, the entire fleet of tuk-tuks and vehicles in general
throughout the metropolitan area.


Unità di stoccaggio

Skid compressore

Pannello di controllo

Each Idro Meccanica Compressor Unit (TDE13) is coupled to a 37 kW electric motor. The low number of cycles, low power consumption during gas compression and extreme flexibility of operation over a wide range of pressures (5 to 250 bar) allow for maximum refuelling efficiency with low energy consumption.

Finally, the weatherproof cabin is soundproofed: with closed doors it reaches 73 db.

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