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Filling Station - Italy


Filling Station



Hydrogen is a 'green' energy vector produced from renewable sources and generated by electrolysis.

The project in question was commissioned by the CNR with the aim of developing the first hydrogen refuelling station for the school bus fleet, eliminating CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases in general from the fleet in the area.

This was possible thanks to the presence of solar panels capable of ‘capturing’ the solar energy needed to self-produce the hydrogen and feeding the potential surplus back into the grid.

Customer request

  • Suction pressure: 6-9 bar
  • Outlet pressure: 360 bar
  • Maximum flow rate (@ 9 bar): 9 Scm/h, meaning 0.8 kg/h

Idro Meccanica solution

Idro Meccanica offered a complete package of:

  • Electrolyser
  • Selected compressor unit, TDE/H series
  • Storage unit
  • Dispenser to supply the school bus fleet

A compact solution, as it was housed within a single 12-metre, reinforced concrete package, within which the entire system, from generation to storage, including the electrical control and command panel, was installed.

A flexible and efficient solution capable of generating, compressing, storing and distributing hydrogen. The TDH85 hydro-mechanical compression unit, coupled with a 5.5 kW electric motor, is top-in-class in terms of efficiency and flexibility: the wide pressure range (from 4 to 450 bar) in which it operates, the low number of cycles and the very low energy consumption translate into low total operating consumption over the entire life cycle of the solution.

A “green” solution: the Distance piece at atmospheric pressure and the two sets of seals on the gas and oil side ensure that the gas handled is pure, without any contamination

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