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Compression skid - Spain


Compression Skid


Alcalà de Henares

Hydrogen is a 'green' energy source produced from renewable sources and generated by electrolysis.

The project in question was installed at the CEPSA test and research centre (Alcalà de Henares, near
Madrid) with the aim of testing high-pressure hydrogen. The hydrogen is brought to the centre in storage.

The Hydro Meccanica compression unit compresses it to a pressure of 200 bar and then stores it in storage

Customer request

  • Suction pressure: 8 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 200 bar
  • Max flowrate @ 8 bar suction pressure: 14 Scm/h (8.3 SCFM)

Idro Meccanica solution

Idro Meccanica supplied the TDE90 series compression skid

A compact skid, installed inside the research centre, complete with cooling system and electrical and
control panel.

A flexible and efficient solution capable of compressing and storing hydrogen.

The TDE90 hydro-mechanical compression unit, coupled with a 3 kW electric motor, is top-in-class in terms of efficiency and flexibility: the wide pressure range (from 8 to 200 bar) in which it operates, the low number of cycles and the very low energy consumption translate into low total operating consumption over the entire product
life cycle.

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