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Driven by knowledge, fueled by hydrogen

Hydrogen – background and vision

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe - however, it is not present in a free, molecular state and must therefore be produced in order to be used for its various purposes. The production of hydrogen requires energy.

The opportunities this element provides are unique.

Idro Meccanica supports a conscious use of this resource, opting for green hydrogen produced from excess energy collected from renewable sources.

Our vision for the future is to support decarbonisation through the development of products and solutions that offer simple hydrogen management with a view to energy time shifting.

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On the road towards a greener Europe

The European Union is committed to turning its energy system into a more environmentally friendly one. The goal is to eliminate approximately 2,800 megatons (Mt) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2050, an amount equivalent to 78 per cent of 2014 CO2 emissions. Achieving this target will require a drastic transformation in the way we generate, distribute, store and consume energy. End-use sectors such as transport, buildings and industry will have to achieve deep decarbonisation, including the how-to-abate segments (such as heavy transport, building heating, high-end industry heat).Power generation will be largely from renewable sources and the energy system will have to be able to cope with intermittency and seasonal imbalances. In this complex path, hydrogen will lead the way.

Sources: International Energy Agency (2017);
The European Commission (2012)

Why Hydrogen?

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Hydrogen can play a systemic role in the transition to renewable energy. As a flexible withdrawal and storage resource, it provides an opportunity for storing, transporting and distributing energy in all sectors and on all continents.

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Hydrogen offers European industry the opportunity to maintain its technological leadership in the energy transition as well as generate high economic value. The industry will be able to leverage its existing skills and strengths, exploiting existing infrastructure and reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Idro Meccanica has the technical capabilities and experience to make a clear imprint in this process. Together with the Landi Renzo Group, thanks to the synergies brought out by the acquisition, we can make a difference towards an efficient energy transition.

A glimpse into the near future

By 2030, we expect a significant increase in demand for hydrogen in the transport sector - in particular for vehicles, buses, trucks and trains, and, to a limited degree, for air transport (through hydrogen-based liquid fuels or Power to Liquid) - in most EU Member States.

In the industrial sector - mainly in refineries, the chemical industry and the steel industry - hydrogen of fossil origin is currently used - either as a raw material or as a reducing agent. In the coming years, this may be replaced by renewable hydrogen.

In this scenario, Idro Meccanica continues to invest in research and development (R&D), to expand its product portfolio and meet a wide range of technical requirements that may arise in the near future. A new unit capable of compressing hydrogen to over 950 bar pressure is being launched.

Source: Opportunities for Hydrogen Energy Technologies Considering the National Energy & Climate Plans – a study by Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking