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MRS - Sweden


Mobile station with roll-off-system



How to ensure the availability of gas in areas where demand is growing and existing infrastructure is unable to meet expectations.

The project in question was commissioned by Client with the aim of being able to cope with peaks in demand or maintenance situations so as not to interrupt the public supply service.

The MRS (Mobile Refuelling Station, better known as Mobile station with roll-off-system) by its very nature ensures continuous refuelling in existing stations in the event of temporary service interruptions.

In addition, in this specific case, the gas supplied is BIOMETHANE, by its nature a source of clean energy, obtained from the digestion of organic waste and subsequently processed through Upgrading technology.

Customer request

  • Suction pressure: 80 bar
  • Outlet pressure: 250 bar
  • Maximum flow rate (@ 80 bar): 450 Scm/h

Idro Meccanica solution

Idro Meccanica supplied a MRS consisting of:

  • A compressor unit, series TDE13
  • A storage unit
  • The dispenser
  • The electrical and control panel

A compact solution, as it is enclosed in a roll-off container of only 6 metres, inside which the entire system is installed: the compressor skid (including the electric motor), the storage unit, and the electrical and control panel. The dispenser can be housed in a compartment of the transport container.

A high-availability solution as it ensures continuous service of the filling station even in demanding situations such as during peak demand or during maintenance of the compressor units of the filling station in question.

A solution that guarantees maximum flexibility thanks to the TDE13 Idro Meccanica compressor unit coupled with a 22 kW electric motor, capable of operating over a wide pressure range of up to 250 bar.

An efficient, plug-and-play solution: the unit is powered by a power plug

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