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A story of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial attitude


The origins

Antonio Gozzi began his entrepreneurial journey producing compressors for methane gas and boosters. His first units exploit hydrostatic transmission. From the first years of activity, the company differentiated itself for the high customisation of its products. Following the demands of a rapidly expanding market, it developed several types of compressors.

1980 - 1990

The 1980s saw the first international cooperation, from New Zealand to Canada. In the first half of the 1990s, the first filling stations were designed and installed in Germany and the first approaches to the Scandinavian market began - where over the years Idro Meccanica has become a benchmark.


First hydrogen compressor production

It is the 1990s and setting up a hydrogen station is not yet an end goal for large companies in the industry. Idro Meccanica, with its true forward-thinking spirit, is already studying its entry into the biomethane and hydrogen market. At this crucial moment in the company's journey, the second generation of compressors enters the field.
With Gozzi’s family the first compressor for hydrogen is produced - adapting some products designed for natural gas.


We produce the first biomethane compressor for filling stations.


First high-pressure hydrogen compressor

The experience gained over the years allows the company to be fully aware of the market requirements for hydrogen compression. The gas proves from the outset to be much more difficult to compress than methane and other gases. Its high energy density per unit mass, but low volumetric energy density compared to hydrocarbons - makes it necessary to use high pressures to compress it effectively and efficiently. Thus, in 2000, to support the growing interest in the use of hydrogen in the transport sector and industry in general - Idro Meccanica developed the first high-pressure compressor.

Today we are working to reach 950 bar pressure at the discharge.


We build the first compressor for hydrogen grid injection.


Designing the future

Idro Meccanica, as a leading player in hydrogen compression, arouses the interest of the Maxive - Landi Renzo Group, a leader in the green mobility market. This was the year of the first meetings with Cristiano Musi, CEO Landi Renzo, to define and realise the acquisition